The Travel & Tourism industry is one of the world’s largest sectors, contributing trillions each year and providing the global economy with millions of jobs. Undeniably 2020 has been uniquely challenging for the industry, as we face a worldwide pandemic confining the most seasoned travelers and tourists to their homes

As many borders begin to open and tourists begin to return to their favourite spots, we at “World Media Network” feel it’s the perfect time to reveal the business and enterprises responsible for making a perfect dream holidays and vacations come to life with the deserved exposure, in the 2021

Travel & Tourism Awards.

Travel & Tourism Awards cover all markets from travel agencies to food and beverages services; those manage accommodations, provide transportation, entertainment, and tours (and everything in between) to hail the key players, contributing to one of the fastest-growing sectors by revealing their dedication and hard work.

The perfect platform for businesses looking to promote their brand across a global readership, and each winner in the Travel & Tourism Awards has the chance to utilize the WMN platform to share their news with our highly engaged audience.

The 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards are judged purely on merit. To determine our lucky few, our in-house research team carefully analyzes the information that is available both online and in the public domain, as well as any materials supplied by nominees. Additionally, nominees are provided the opportunity to prepare a short case file disclosing details of their chosen business sector and practice, as well as any previous accolades awarded. Case files, product samples, and media packs are all accepted but are not mandatory to be included in the Travel & Tourism Awards.

With all this in mind, if you know of, operate, or are a member of an organization that you feel is worthy of acknowledgment, please complete the voting form by clicking ‘vote’ at the top of the page. If you would like further information on how you can get involved or our awards process, please get in touch with the awards program coordinator; for More details, kindly send your queries or contact us at

As borders begin to reopen and destinations, hotels, and airlines worldwide prepare to welcome travelers once again, we’re celebrating travel and looking to the future as we congratulate the winners of our Lifestyle Awards. This annual survey honours the best in the world of leisure and lifestyle travel, awarding goods, services, destinations, hotels, airlines, and cruises.

Award Categories

(14A) Accommodation Facility

(14B) Best 3 Star Hotel

(14C) Best 4 Star Hotel

(14D) Best 5 Star Hotel

(14E) Best Heritage Hotel

(14F) Best Differently- abled Friendly Hotel

(14G) Best Green Hotel

(14H) Best Business/MICE Hotel

(14I) Best Hill Resort

(14J) Best Apartment Hotel

(14K) Best Beach Resort

(14L) Best Wellness Resort

(14M) Best Debut Hotel

(14N) Best Bed & Breakfast / Homestay Establishment

(14BTour Operator

(14BA) Best Inbound Tour Operator

(14BB) Best Outbound Tour Operator

(14BC) Best Domestic Tour Operator

(14BD) Best Adventure Tour Operator (Domestic)

(14BE) Best Adventure Tour Operator (Inbound)

(14C) Transport and Travel Agency

(14CA) Best Transport Company (Passenger services)

(14CB) Best Online Travel Agency

(14CC)   Connectivity

(14CD) Best Domestic Airline

(14CE) Best International Airline

(14CF) Best Domestic Airport

(14CG) Best Railway Station

(14CH) Best Luxury Train

(14D) Infrastructure

(14DA) Best Theme Park

(14DB) Best Way Side Amenity

(14DC)) Best Standalone Convention Centre

(14E) Skills

(14EA) Best Chef (Male & Female)

(14EB) Best Tour Guide

(14EC) Best Photographer (Tourism)

(14ED) Best Blogger (Tourism)

(14EE) Best Travel & Tourism Institute

(14F) Technology

(14FA) Best Tourism Related Website (Govt. & Private)

(14FB) Best Tourism Mobile Application

(14FC) Best B2B Travel Technology Provider

(14FD) Leading State Tourism Initiative

(14FF) Best State Tourism Marketing Campaign

(14FG) Best State Tourism Policy

(14FH) Best Eco-Tourism initiative

(14FI) Best Cultural & Heritage Destination

(14FJ) Best Adventure Tourism Destination

(14FK) Best Wildlife Destination

(14FL) Best Beach Destination

(14FM) Best Fair & Festival

(14G) Innovative initiatives

(14GA) Best Travel Start-up

(14GB) Best Heritage / Cultural Walk

(14GC) Special Contribution to Travel & Tourism Industry

(14GD) Best Travel Insurance Provider 4GD)