(91A)Fitness Equipment

(91A1)Ab / Core Toners


(91A3)Agility Ladders

(91A4)Aquatic Fitness Equipment

(91A5)Athletic Shirts

(91A6)Athletic Tees

(91A7)Balance Trainers

(91A8)Balance Trainers

(91A9)Cardio Training

(91A10)Equipment Bags

(91A11)Exercise Bands

(91A12)Exercise Clothing

(91A13)Exercise Machine Accessories

(91A14)Exercise Videos

(91A15)Fitness Balls

(91A16)Fitness Equipment

(91A17)Fitness Technology

(91A18)Gym Accessories

(91A19)Gymnastics Landing Mats

(91A20)Hand Strengtheners

(91A21)Home Gym Attachments

(91A22)Home Gyms

(91A23)Horizontal Bars

(91A24)Jump Ropes

(91A25)Medicine Balls


(91A27)Parallel Bars


(91A29)Pilates Accessories

(91A30)Push Up/Pull Up


(91A32)Skill Shapes

(91A33)Speed & Agility Training

(91A34)Strength Training Equipment

(91A35)Strength Training Inversion Equipment

(91A36)Stretch Bands & Cords

(91A37)Thigh Exercisers

(91A38)Training Equipment


(91A40)Waist trimmers

(91A41)Weight Benches


(91A43)Yoga Towels

(91B)Sports’ Accesories

(91B1)Ankle Braces

(91B2)Car Sports Racks

(91B3)Coach & Referee Gear


(91B5)Electronics & Gadgets

(91B6)Gym Bags

(91B7)Gym Drawstring Bags


(91B9)Inflation Devices

(91B10)Inflation Accessories


(91B12)Memorabilia Display

(91B13)Memorabilia Storage

(91B14)Playing Field Equipment

(91B15)Playing Field Marking Equipment

(91B16)Reflective Gear

(91B17)Scoreboards & Timers

(91B18)Sport Watches

(91B19)Sports Duffels

(91B20)Sports Medicine

(91B21)Sports Sunglasses

(91B22)Sports Water Bottle Accessories

(91B23Sports Water Bottles

(91B24)Traction Cleats

(91B25)Sports Trophies

(91B26)Sports Medals

(91B27)Sports Awards

(91B28)Water Shoes


(91C)Sports Clothing


(91C2)Active Base Layers

(91C2)Active Gear

(91C3)Ankle brace

(91C4)Arm warmer

(91C5)Athletic Supporters

(91C6)Dry Suit






(91C12)Performance Gear







(91C19)Track Jackets






(91C25)Wrist Brace


(91D1)Amusement apparatus

(91D2)Amusement railways

(91D3)Automatic machines for games of chance


(91D5)Climbing frames




(91D9)Ferris wheels

(91D10)Firecrackers for parties

(91D11)Frames for outdoor games



(91D14)Games of chance

(91D15)Jokes and tricks

(91D16)Masks for disguise


(91D18)Mirrors for fairgrounds

(91D19)One arm bandits

(91D20)Paper streamers

(91D21)Puppet theaters



(91D24)Roundabouts for children’s playgrounds

(91D25)Sand pits

(91D26)Scenic railways


(91D28)Shooting galleries

(91D29)Slides [chutes]



(91D32)Switchback railways [for amusement]

(91D33)Toboggan slides

(91D34)Tricks and jokes

(91D35)Water slides


(91E)Sports Equipment


(91E2)Agility Ladders


(91E4)Ball Carts



(91E7)Baseball Batting Cages

(91E8)Baseball Equipment Accessories

(91E9)Baseball Equipment Bags

(91E10)Baseball Field Equipment

(91E11)Baseball Footwear

(91E12)Baseball Gear Bags

(91E13)Baseball Mitt Accessories

(91E14)Baseball Pitching Machines

(91E15)Baseball Protective Gear

(91E16) Baseball Training Equipment

(91E17) Baseballs

(91E18) Basketball

(91E19) Basketball Accessories

(91E20) Basketball Backboard Systems

(91E21) Basketball Court Equipment

(91E22) Basketball Equipment Bags

(91E23) Basketball Protective Pads & Gear

(91E24) Basketball Rims & Nets

(91E25) Basketball Storage

(91E26) Basketball Training & Coaching Equipment

(91E27) Basketballs

(91E28) Bats

(91E29) Batting Cages

(91E30) Cheerleading

(91E31) Cheerleading

(91E32) Cheerleading Clothing

(91E33) Cheerleading Megaphones

(91E34) Cheerleading Poms

(91E35) Clothing

(91E36) Court Equipment

(91E37) Cricket

(91E38) Cricket Sets

(91E39) Equipment Bags

(91E40) Equipment Carts

(91E41) Fencing

(91E42) Field Equipment

(91E43) Field Hockey

(91E44) Flag Football Belts

(91E45) Football Products

(91E46) Football Accessories

(91E47) Football Apparel

(91E48) Football Field Equipment

(91E49) Football Helmets

(91E50) Football Protective Pads & Gear

(91E51) Football Training & Coaching Equipment

(91E52) Footballs

(91E53) Footwear

(91E54) Gear Bags

(91F)Goalkeeper Equipment

(91F1)Goals & Nets

(91F2)Golf Accessories

(91F3)Golf Apparel

(91F4)Golf Bags & Carts

(91F5)Golf Balls

(91F6)Golf Clubs

(91F7)Golf Gloves

(91F8)Golf GPS & Rangefinders

(91F9)Golf Training Aids


(91G)Gymnastics Equipment Bags


(91G2)Hockey Balls

(91G3)Hockey Pucks

(91G4)Hockey Replacement Blades

(91G5)Hockey Skates


(91G7)Ice & Roller Hockey Accessories

(91G8)Ice Hockey

(91G9)Ice Hockey Skate Accessories

(91H)Jumping Equipment

(91H1)Knee Pads


(91H3)Lacrosse Equipment Bags


(91 I)Meet Equipment

(91I1)Net Systems


(91I3)Pitching Machines

(91I4)Player Equipment

(91I5)Pole Pads

(91I6)Pole Sets

(91I7)Protective Gear


(91J)Race Equipment

(91J1)Racquetball Accessories

(91J2)Racquetball Balls

(91J3)Racquetball Racquets

(91J4)Reaction Balls



(91K)Rink Equipment

(91K1)Roller Hockey


(91K3)Rugby Balls

(91K4)Rugby Headguards

(91K5)Scoreboards & Timers

(91K6)Shoulder Pads



(91K9)Sleds & Chutes

(91K10)Slow-Pitch Softballs

(91L)Soccer Products

(91L1)Soccer Accessories

(91L2)Soccer Apparel

(91L3)Soccer Balls

(91L4)Soccer Balls

(91L5)Soccer Equipment Bags

(91L6)Soccer Goals & Nets

(91L7)Soccer Shinguards

(91L8)Soccer Training & Coaching Equipment

(91L9)Soccer Training Equipment & Balls



(91M)Speed & Agility Training

(91M1)Sports Mascot Costumes

(91M2)Sports Speed & Agility Training Equipment


(91N)Tennis Bags & Accessories

(91N1)Tennis Balls

(91N2)Tennis Racquets

(91N3)Tennis Training & Court Equipment

(91N4)Throwing Equipment

(91O)Track & Field

(91O1)Track & Field Equipment Carts

(91O2)Training Cones

(91O3)Training Equipment

(91PVolleyball Products

(91P1Volleyball Accessories

(91P2)Volleyball Court & Training Equipment

(91P3)Volleyball Equipment Bags

(91P4)Volleyball Nets

(91P5)Volleyball Protective Pads & Gear

(91P6)Volleyball Sets


(91P8)Water Polo

(91P9)Water Polo Balls


(91P11)Wrestling Mats


92. Interior and Exhibition Award

Sub-Categories are as follows:114.

Major Categories

(92A)Retail Design

(92B)Hospitality Design

(92C)Exhibition Design

(92D)Workplace Settings

(92E)Zones and Rooms

(92F)Public Spaces

(92G)Residential Design

(92H)Zones and Rooms 

(92A)Retail Design

(92A1)Retail Design



(92A4)Department Stores

(92A5)Flagship Stores

(92A6)Food Markets

(92A7)Gas Stations



(92A10)Misc. Retail


(92A12)Real Estate Office

(92A13)Retail Outlets

(92A14)Shopping Centres




(92B)Hospitality Design

(92B1)Accommodation Premises






(92B7)Day Spas

(92B8)Fitness Centres


(92B10)Health Clubs


(92B12)Misc. Hospitality Interiors



(92B15)Swimming Pools

(92B16)Wellness Centers

(92C)Exhibition Design

(92C1)Display Suites

(92C2)Gallery Exhibitions

(92C3)Installation Design



(92C6)Museum Exhibitions

(92C7)Permanent Installations

(92C8)Promotional Displays

(92C9)Sales Offices

(92C10)Set Design

(92C11)Store Displays


(92C13)Temporary Installations

(92C14)Trade Exhibitions

(92C15)Tradefair Stands

(92C16)Tradeshow Booths

(92D)Workplace Settings


(92D2)Dentists Rooms

(92D3)Doctors Office


(92D5)Misc. Workplace Spaces




(92E)Zones and Rooms

(92E1) Ballrooms

(92E2) Bathrooms

(92E3) Bedrooms

(92E4) Break-Out Zones

(92E5) Corporate Canteens

(92E6) Executive Rooms

(92E7) Forum Spaces

(92E8) Function Areas

(92E9) Grand Reception Areas

(92E10) Kitchens

(92E11) Living Rooms

(92E12) Lobby

(92E13) Lounges

(92E14) Meeting Rooms

(92E15) Reception

(92E16) Restrooms

(92E17) Waiting Lounges

(92F)Public Spaces

(92F1) Amphitheater

(92F2) Art Galleries

(92F3) Airports

(92F4) Classrooms

(92F5) Colleges

(92F6) Community Centres

(92F7) Concert Halls

(92F8) Consulates

(92F9) Educational Institutions

(92F10) Exhibition Venues

(92F11) Galleries

(92F12) Kindergartens

(92F13) Law Courts

(92F14) Libraries

(92F15) Misc. Cultural

(92F16) Medical Spaces

(92F17) Museums

(92F18) Parliamentary Buildings

(92F19) Places of Worship

(92F20) Post Offices

(92F21) Railway Stations

(92F22) Schools

(92F23) Swimming Pools

(92F24) Theatres

(92F25) Transit Stations

(92F26) Universities

(92G)Residential Design


(92G2)Housing Developments

(92G3)Misc. Residential

(92G4)Private Houses






(93A)Lighting Products Award:

(93B)Accent Lamps

(93C)Art-Glass Lighting

(93D)Bathroom Lighting


(93F)Designer Lighting

(93G)Desk Lamps

(93H) External Luminaires

(93I)Floor Lamps

(93J) Flush Mount Fixtures

(93K)Full Spectrum Lamps

(93L) Hotel & Guest Room Lighting Products

(93M)Illuminated Ceiling Fans

(93N)Illuminated Clocks

(93O)Illuminated Framed Art

(93P) Illuminated Home Decor

(93Q) Interior Luminaires

(93R) Mini Pendants

(93S) Outdoor Lighting

(93T)Pendant Lighting

(93U)Semi-Flush Fixtures

(93V)Table Lamps

(93W) Task Lamps

(93X) Tiffany Lighting

(93Y) Wall Sconces

(93AA)Lighting  Projects Award Categories

(93AA1) Exterior Lighting

(93AA2) Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

(93AA3) Interactive Lighting Projects

(93AA4)Interior Lighting Projects

(93AA5) International Lighting Projects

(93AA6) Lighting for Heritage

(93AA7) Lighting for Leisure

(93AA8)Public Building Lighting

(93AA9) Residential Lighting Retail

(93AA10) Lighting Workplace Lighting

(93AB)Lighting Innovation Design Award Categories

(93AB1) Low Carbon Lighting

(93AB2) Energy Saving Lighting

(93AB3) Lighting Innovation Design Award: Spectrum Lighting

(93AB4) Lighting Innovation Design Award: Light and Illumination Controls

(93AB5) Lighting Innovation Design Award: Lamp Finials & Bulbs

(93AB6) Lighting Innovation Design Award: Lamp Shades

(93AB7)Lighting Innovation Design Award: Light Sources

(93AB8) Lighting Innovation Design Award: Green Lighting

(93AB9) Lighting Innovation Design Award: Special Purpose Lighting




(94A) Designer Toys

(94B) Best Autoproduced Toy

(94C) Best Customizeable Toy

(94D) Best DIY (Do It Yourself) Toy

(94E) Best Functional Toy

(94F) Best Licensed Toy

(94G) Best To-Scale Figure

(94H) Best Toy Collection

(94I) Best Toy from a Comic

(94J) Toy Design Awards

(94K) Best Action Figure

(94L) Best Active Toy

(94M) Best Activity Product

(94N) Best Activity Toy

(94O) Best Arts & Crafts Toy

(94P) Best Board Game

(94Q) Best Boys Toy for 0-1 year olds

(94R) Best Boys Toy for 1-3 year olds

(94S) Best Boys Toy for 3-6 year olds

(94T) Best Boys Toy for 6+ year olds

(94U) Best Card Game

(94V) Best Classic Toy

(94W) Best Collectible Toy Range

(94X) Best Construction Toy

(94Y) Best Counting Game

(94Z) Best Craft Kit

(94AA) Best Creative Game

(94AB) Best Creative Product

(94AC) Best Cuddly Toy

(94AD) Best Cultural Toy

(94AE) Best Deck Game

(94AF) Best Decorative Toy

(94AG) Best Digital Toy

(94AH) Best Doll

(94AI) Best Dollhouse

(94AJ) Best Educational Toy

(94AK) Best Flying Toy

(94AL) Best Girls Toy for 0-1-year-olds

(94AM) Best Girls Toy for 1-3-year-olds

(94AN) Best Girls Toy for 3-6-year-olds

(94AO) Best Girls Toy for 6+-year-olds

(94AP) Best Handmade Toy

(94AQ) Best Hobby Toy

(94AR) Best Imaginative Toy

(94AS) Best Innovative Toy

(94AT) Best Musical Toy

(94AU) Best Outdoor Play Toy

(94AV) Best Outdoor Toy

(94AW) Best Painting and Colouring Set

(94AX) Best Physical Play Toy

(94AY) Best Playmat

(94AZ) Best Plush Toy

(94BA) Best Pool Toy

(94BB) Best Preschool Toy

(94BC) Best Puppet

(94BD) Best Puzzle Game

(94BE) Best Remote Controlled Toy

(94BF) Best Robotic Toy

(94BG) Best Rubber Stamp

(94BI) Best Science Toy

(94BJ) Best Social Toy

(94BK) Best Soft Toy

(94BL) Best Toddler Toy

(94BM) Best Toy Accessory

(94BN) Best Toy Car

(94BO) Best Toy for Boys

(94BP) Best Toy for Girls

(94BQ) Best Toy Horse

(94BR) Best Travel Item for Kids

(94BS) Best Wooden Toy


Meters, Scopes, Graphs, Measures, Clinical, Diagnostic & Surgical Products, Bio-Products, and More.

The subcategories of A’ Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Award is as follows:


(**IMP NOTE-Follow  sequence viz[95A(1)]…….[95J(1)].etc.)

Scientific Instrument and Research Equipment Award Categories

(95 A)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Absorptiometer Award
  2. Best Accelerometer Award
  3. Best Acetimeter Award
  4. Best Acidimeter Award
  5. Best Actinograph Award
  6. Best Actinometer Award
  7. Best Aerometer Award
  8. Best Aethrioscope Award
  9. Best Alcoholometer Award
  10. Best Alcovinometer Award
  11. Best Algometer Award
  12. Best Alkalimeter Award
  13. Best Altimeter Award
  14. Best Ammeter Award
  15. Best Anemograph Award
  16. Best Anemometer Award
  17. Best Areometer Award
  18. Best Arthroscope Award
  19. Best Atmometer Award
  20. Best Audiometer Award
  21. Best Auriscope Award
  22. Best Auxanometer Award
  23. Best Auxometer Award

(95B)Scientific Instrument

  1.  Best Ballistocardiograph Award
  2. Best Barograph Award
  3. Best Barometer Award
  4. Best Baroscope Award
  5. Best Bathymeter Award
  6. Best Bathythermograph Award
  7. Best Bolometer Award
  8. Best Bronchoscope Award

(95C)Scientific Instrument

  1.  Best Calorimeter Award
  2. Best Cardiograph Award
  3. Best Cathetometer Award
  4. Best Ceilometer Award
  5. Best Ceraunograph Award
  6. Best Chlorometer Award
  7. Best Chromatograph Award
  8. Best Chromatoptometer Award
  9. Best Chronograph Award
  10. Best Chronometer Award
  11. Best Chronoscope Award
  12. Best Clinometer Award
  13. Best Coercimeter Award
  14. Best Colonoscope Award
  15. Best Colorimeter Award
  16. Best Colposcope Award
  17. Best Coronagraph Award
  18. Best Coulombmeter Award
  19. Best Coulometer Award
  20. Best Craniometer Award
  21. Best Cratometer Award
  22. Best Crescograph Award
  23. Best Cryometer Award
  24. Best Cryoscope Award
  25. Best Cyanometer Award
  26. Best Cyclograph Award
  27. Best Cyclometer Award
  28. Best Cymograph Award
  29. Best Cymometer Award
  30. Best Cystoscope Award
  31. Best Cytometer Award

(95D)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Decelerometer Award
  2. Best Declinometer Award
  3. Best Dendrometer Award
  4. Best Densimeter Award
  5. Best Densitometer Award
  6. Best Diagometer Award
  7. Best Diagraph Award
  8. Best Diaphanometer Award
  9. Best Dichroscope Award
  10. Best Diffractometer Award
  11. Best Dilatometer Award
  12. Best Dioptometer Award
  13. Best Dipleidoscope Award
  14. Best Diplograph Award
  15. Best Dosimeter Award
  16. Best Dromometer Award
  17. Best Drosometer Award
  18. Best Durometer Award
  19. Best Dynamograph Award
  20. Best Dynamometer Award

(95E)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Ebullioscope Award
  2. Best Effusiometer Award
  3. Best Eidograph Award
  4. Best Elatrometer Award
  5. Best Electrocardiograph Award
  6. Best Electrodynamometer Award
  7. Best Electroencephalograph Award
  8. Best Electrograph Award
  9. Best Electrometer Award
  10. Best Electromyograph Award
  11. Best Electroretinograph Award
  12. Best Electroscope Award
  13. Best Ellipsograph Award
  14. Best Encephalograph Award
  15. Best Endoscope Award
  16. Best Endosmometer Award
  17. Best Epidiascope Award
  18. Best Episcope Award
  19. Best Ergograph Award
  20. Best Ergometer Award
  21. Best Eriometer Award
  22. Best Eudiometer Award
  23. Best Evaporimeter Award
  24. Best Extensometer Award

(95F)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Fathometer Award
  2. Best Fiberscope Award
  3. Best Floriscope Award
  4. Best Flowmeter Award
  5. Best Fluorimeter Award
  6. Best Fluoroscope Award
  7. Best Focimeter Award

(95G)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Galactometer Award
  2. Best Galvanometer Award
  3. Best Galvanoscope Award
  4. Best Gasometer Award
  5. Best Gastroscope Award
  6. Best Geothermometer Award
  7. Best Goniometer Award
  8. Best Gradiometer Award
  9. Best Gravimeter Award
  10. Best Gyrograph Award

(95H)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Haptometer Award
  2. Best Harmonograph Award
  3. Best Harmonometer Award
  4. Best Helicograph Award
  5. Best Heliograph Award
  6. Best Heliometer Award
  7. Best Helioscope Award
  8. Best Hemacytometer Award
  9. Best Hippometer Award
  10. Best Hodoscope Award
  11. Best Hydrometer Award
  12. Best Hydroscope Award
  13. Best Hydrotimeter Award
  14. Best Hyetograph Award
  15. Best Hyetometer Award
  16. Best Hyetometrograph Award
  17. Best Hygrograph Award
  18. Best Hygrometer Award
  19. Best Hygroscope Award
  20. Best Hypsometer Award

(95 I) Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Iconometer Award
  2. Best Idiometer Award
  3. Best Inclinometer Award
  4. Best Interferometer Award
  5. Best Iriscope Award

(95K) Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Katathermometer Award
  2. Best Katharometer Award
  3. Best Keratometer Award
  4. Best Keraunograph Award
  5. Best Kinetoscope Award
  6. Best Konimeter Award
  7. Best Koniscope Award
  8. Best Kymograph Award

(95L) Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Labidometer Award
  2. Best Lactometer Award
  3. Best Lactoscope Award
  4. Best Lanameter Award
  5. Best Laparoscope Award
  6. Best Laryngoscope Award
  7. Best Leptometer Award
  8. Best Loxodograph Award
  9. Best Lucimeter Award
  10. Best Luxmeter Award
  11. Best Lysimeter Award

(95M)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Magnetograph Award
  2. Best Magnetometer Award
  3. Best Manometer Award
  4. Best Marigraph Award
  5. Best Mecometer Award
  6. Best Megameter Award
  7. Best Megascope Award
  8. Best Mekometer Award
  9. Best Meldometer Award
  10. Best Meteorograph Award
  11. Best Methanometer Award
  12. Best Microbarograph Award
  13. Best Microcalorimeter Award
  14. Best Micrograph Award
  15. Best Micrometer Award
  16. Best Micronometer Award
  17. Best Microscope Award
  18. Best Microseismograph Award
  19. Best Microseismometer Award
  20. Best Mileometer Award
  21. Best Milliammeter Award
  22. Best Myograph Award
  23. Best Myringoscope Award

(95N)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Nephelometer Award
  2. Best Nephograph Award
  3. Best Nephoscope Award
  4. Best Nitrometer Award

(95 O)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Odograph Award
  2. Best Odometer Award
  3. Best Odontograph Award
  4. Best Oenometer Award
  5. Best Ohmmeter Award
  6. Best Oleometer Award
  7. Best Olfactometer Award
  8. Best Ombrometer Award
  9. Best Oncometer Award
  10. Best Oncosimeter Award
  11. Best Ondograph Award
  12. Best Oometer Award
  13. Best Opacimeter Award
  14. Best Opeidoscope Award
  15. Best Ophthalmometer Award
  16. Best Ophthalmoscope Award
  17. Best Opisometer Award
  18. Best Opsiometer Award
  19. Best Optometer Award
  20. Best Orchidometer Award
  21. Best Oscillograph Award
  22. Best Oscillometer Award
  23. Best Oscilloscope Award
  24. Best Osmometer Award
  25. Best Otoscope Award

(95P) Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Pachymeter Award
  2. Best Pallograph Award
  3. Best Pantochronometer Award
  4. Best Pantograph Award
  5. Best Passimeter Award
  6. Best Pedometer Award
  7. Best Peirameter Award
  8. Best Pelvimeter Award
  9. Best Penetrometer Award
  10. Best Permeameter Award
  11. Best Phacometer Award
  12. Best Phaometer Award
  13. Best Pharmacometer Award
  14. Best Pharyngoscope Award
  15. Best Phonautograph Award
  16. Best Phonendoscope Award
  17. Best Phonometer Award
  18. Best Phorometer Award
  19. Best Photometer Award
  20. Best Photopolarimeter Award
  21. Best Phototachometer Award
  22. Best Phototelegraph Award
  23. Best Phthongometer Award
  24. Best Piezometer Award
  25. Best Pitchometer Award
  26. Best Planigraph Award
  27. Best Planimeter Award
  28. Best Platometer Award
  29. Best Plegometer Award
  30. Best Plemyrameter Award
  31. Best Plethysmograph Award
  32. Best Pluviograph Award
  33. Best Pluviometer Award
  34. Best Pneometer Award
  35. Best Pneumatometer Award
  36. Best Pneumograph Award
  37. Best Polarimeter Award
  38. Best Polariscope Award
  39. Best Polygraph Award
  40. Best Porometer Award
  41. Best Horoscope Award
  42. Best Potentiometer Award
  43. Best Photometer Award
  44. Best Prisoptometer Award
  45. Best Proctoscope Award
  46. Best Psophometer Award
  47. Best Psychograph Award
  48. Best Psychrometer Award
  49. Best Pulsimeter Award
  50. Best Pycnometer Award
  51. Best Pyknometer Award
  52. Best Pyranometer Award
  53. Best Pyrgeometer Award
  54. Best Pyrheliometer Award
  55. Best Pyrometer Award
  56. Best Pyroscope Award

(95Q)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Qualimeter Award
  2. Best Quantimeter Award
  3. Best Quantometer Award

(95R)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Rachiometer Award
  2. Best Radarscope Award
  3. Best Radiogoniometer Award
  4. Best Radiometeorograph Award
  5. Best Radiometer Award
  6. Best Radioscope Award
  7. Best Ratemeter Award
  8. Best Recipiangle Award
  9. Best Reflectometer Award
  10. Best Refractometer Award
  11. Best Respirometer Award
  12. Best Retinoscope Award
  13. Best Rheometer Award
  14. Best Rhinoscope Award
  15. Best Rhythmometer Award
  16. Best Riometer Award
  17. Best Rotameter Award

(95S)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Saccharimeter Award
  2. Best Salinometer Award
  3. Best Scintillometer Award
  4. Best Scintilloscope Award
  5. Best Sclerometer Award
  6. Best Scoliometer Award
  7. Best Scotograph Award
  8. Best Scotoscope Award
  9. Best Seismograph Award
  10. Best Seismometer Award
  11. Best Seismoscope Award
  12. Best Selenoscope Award
  13. Best Sensitometer Award
  14. Best Sepometer Award
  15. Best Perimeter Award
  16. Best Shuftiscope Award
  17. Best Siccimeter Award
  18. Best Sideroscope Award
  19. Best Sigmoidoscope Award
  20. Best Sillometer Award
  21. Best Skiascope Award
  22. Best Snooperscope Award
  23. Best Solarimeter Award
  24. Best Sonograph Award
  25. Best Spectrofluorimeter Award
  26. Best Spectrograph Award
  27. Best Spectroheliograph Award
  28. Best Spectroheliokinematograph Award
  29. Best Spectrohelioscope Award
  30. Best Spectrometer Award
  31. Best Spectrophotometer Award
  32. Best Spectroscope Award
  33. Best Speedometer Award
  34. Best Spherometer Award
  35. Best Sphygmograph Award
  36. Best Sphygmomanometer Award
  37. Best Sphygmometer Award
  38. Best Sphygmoscope Award
  39. Best Spinthariscope Award
  40. Best Spirograph Award
  41. Best Spirometer Award
  42. Best Stactometer Award
  43. Best Stadiometer Award
  44. Best Stagmometer Award
  45. Best Stalagmometer Award
  46. Best Statoscope Award
  47. Best Stauroscope Award
  48. Best Stenometer Award
  49. Best Stereometer Award
  50. Best Stereoscope Award
  51. Best Stethometer Award
  52. Best Stethoscope Award
  53. Best Strabismometer Award
  54. Best Strabometer Award
  55. Best Stroboscope Award
  56. Best Stylometer Award
  57. Best Swingometer Award
  58. Best Sympiesometer Award
  59. Best Synchroscope Award

(95T)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Tachometer Award
  2. Best Tachistoscope Award
  3. Best Tachograph Award
  4. Best Tachometer Award
  5. Best Taseometer Award
  6. Best Tasimeter Award
  7. Best Taximeter Award
  8. Best Telemeter Award
  9. Best Telescope Award
  10. Best Telespectroscope Award
  11. Best Telestereoscope Award
  12. Best Tellurometer Award
  13. Best Tenderometer Award
  14. Best Tensimeter Award
  15. Best Tensiometer Award
  16. Best Thalassometer Award
  17. Best Thermograph Award
  18. Best Thermometer Award
  19. Best Thermometrograph Award
  20. Best Thermoscope Award
  21. Best Thoracoscope Award
  22. Best Tiltmeter Award
  23. Best Tocodynamometer Award
  24. Best Tomograph Award
  25. Best Tonometer Award
  26. Best Topophone Award
  27. Best Torsiograph Award
  28. Best Transmissometer Award
  29. Best Trechometer Award
  30. Best Tremograph Award
  31. Best Tribometer Award
  32. Best Trigonometer Award
  33. Best Trocheameter Award
  34. Best Tromometer Award
  35. Best Tropometer Award
  36. Best Turbidimeter Award
  37. Best Turgometer Award
  38. Best Typhlograph Award

(95U)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Udometer Award
  2. Best Ultramicroscope Award
  3. Best Urethroscope Award
  4. Best Urinometer Award

(95V)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Vaporimeter Award
  2. Best Variometer Award
  3. Best Velocimeter Award
  4. Best Velometer Award
  5. Best Viameter Award
  6. Best Vibrograph Award
  7. Best Vibrometer Award
  8. Best Viscometer Award
  9. Best Visometer Award
  10. Best Voltameter Award
  11. Best Voltmeter Award
  12. Best Volumenometer Award
  13. Best Volumeter Award

(95W)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Wattmeter Award
  2. Best Wavemeter Award
  3. Best Weatherometer Award

(95X)Scientific Instrument

1.Best Xanthometer Award

2.Best Xylometer Award

(95Z)Scientific Instrument

  1. Best Zymometer Award
  2. Best Zymosimeter Award

(95AA)-High-Tech Medical Devices  Award

  1. Diagnosis Equipment
  2. Monitoring Equipment
  3. Treatment Equipment
  4. Imagining Equipment
  5. Life-Support Equipment
  6. Therapeutic Equipment
  7. Analysis Equipment
  8. Laboratory Equipment

(95AB)-Medical Goods Award (Well Designed )

  1. Well Designed Bariatric Accessories
  2. Well Designed Accessories for Bathroom Safety
  3. Well Designed Bath Lift for Bathroom Safety
  4. Well Designed Commode for Bathroom Safety
  5. Well Designed Grab Bars for Bathroom Safety
  6. Well Designed Raised Toilet Seat for Bathroom Safety
  7. Well Designed Shower Chair for Bathroom Safety
  8. Well Designed Shower Head for Bathroom Safety
  9. Well Designed Transfer Bench for Bathroom Safety
  10. Well Designed Tub Bar for Bathroom Safety
  11. Well Designed Compression Hosiery – Armsleeves
  12. Well Designed Compression Hosiery – Knee Highs
  13. Well Designed Compression Hosiery – Maternity
  14. Well Designed Compression Hosiery – Men’s Socks
  15. Well Designed Compression Hosiery – Pantyhose
  16. Well Designed Compression Hosiery – Thigh Highs
  17. Well Designed Daily Aids Devices – Accessories
  18. Well Designed Daily Aids Devices – Dressing Aids
  19. Well Designed Daily Aids Devices – Eating Aids
  20. Well Designed Daily Aids Devices – Grip Assist
  21. Well Designed Daily Aids Devices – Magnifiers
  22. Well Designed Medication Dispensing
  23. Well Designed Daily Aids Devices – Reachers
  24. Well Designed Diabetic Care Devices
  25. Well Designed Lancets
  26. Well Designed Diagnostic Tools
  27. Well Designed Blood Pressure Kits
  28. Well Designed Diagnostic Devices
  29. Well Designed Fat Monitors
  30. Well Designed Oxygen Testing Device
  31. Well Designed Medical Scales
  32. Well Designed Medical Thermometers
  33. Well Designed Emergency & First Aid Accessories
  34. Well Designed CPR Kits
  35. Well Designed Defibrillators
  36. Well Designed Stretchers
  37. Well Designed Heat & Cold Therapy Accessories
  38. Well Designed Heating Pads
  39. Well Designed Cooling Pads
  40. Well Designed Heating Systems
  41. Well Designed Cooling Systems
  42. Well Designed Infrared Heat Lamps
  43. Well Designed Erection Pump
  44. Well Designed Incontinence Products
  45. Well Designed Baby & Youth Diapers
  46. Well Designed Bedpans
  47. Well Designed Briefs
  48. Well Designed Medical Gloves
  49. Well Designed Liners
  50. Well Designed Pull-Ups
  51. Well Designed Reusable Undergarments
  52. Well Designed Underpads
  53. Well Designed Wipes
  54. Well Designed Bariatric Lift Chairs
  55. Well Designed Lift Chairs Mechanisms
  56. Well Designed Lift Chairs
  57. Well Designed Lymphedema Compression Accessories
  58. Well Designed Lymphedema Garments
  59. Well Designed Lymphedema Pumps
  60. Well Designed Massage Therapy Devices
  61. Well Designed Baby Monitors
  62. Well Designed Breast Pumps
  63. Well Designed Orthopedic Back Belt
  64. Well Designed Orthopedic Foot Care
  65. Well Designed Orthopedic Knee Brace
  66. Well Designed Orthopedic Supports
  67. Well Designed Orthopedic Wrist Brace
  68. Well Designed Patient Care
  69. Well Designed Patient Lifts
  70. Well Designed Hydrolic Patient Lift
  71. Well Designed Patient Slings
  72. Well Designed Power Patient Lift
  73. Well Designed Patient Rooms
  74. Well Designed Patient Room Systems
  75. Well Designed Patient Room Accessories
  76. Well Designed Bed Rails for Patient Rooms
  77. Well Designed Bed Tables for Patient Room
  78. Well Designed Geri Chairs for Patient Rooms
  79. Well Designed Hospital Beds
  80. Well Designed Trapeze bars for Patient Rooms
  81. Well Designed Physician Supplies
  82. Well Designed Physician Carts
  83. Well Designed Physician Exam Tables
  84. Well Designed Physician Gowns
  85. Well Designed Physician Microscopes
  86. Well Designed Physician Bags
  87. Well Designed Physician Stools
  88. Well Designed Physician Wall Charts
  89. Well Designed Pillows and Supports
  90. Well Designed Pressure Prevention
  91. Well Designed Air-Loss Mattress
  92. Well Designed Bed Boards
  93. Well Designed Gel Overlay Mattress
  94. Well Designed Heel & Ankle
  95. Well Designed Pressure Pad Mattress
  96. Well Designed Medical Power Scooters
  97. Well Designed MEdical Power Wheelchairs
  98. Well Designed Power Wheelchairs Accessories
  99. Well Designed Bariatric Power Wheelchairs
  100. Well Designed Folding Power Wheelchairs
  101. Well Designed Travel Power Wheelchairs
  102. Well Designed Bariatric Wheelchair
  103. Well Designed Bathroom Wheelchair
  104. Well Designed Lightweight Wheelchair
  105. Well Designed Reclining Wheelchair
  106. Well Designed Standard Wheelchair
  107. Well Designed Transport Wheelchair
  108. Well Designed Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair
  109. Well Designed Wheelchair Accessories
  110. Well Designed Medical Rehab Equipment
  111. Well Designed Medical Rehab Equipment Accessories
  112. Well Designed Medical Bicycles
  113. Well Designed Medical Fitness Equipment
  114. Well Designed Medical Supports
  115. Well Designed Respiratory Aids
  116. Well Designed Air Cleaners
  117. Well Designed CPAP Accessories
  118. Well Designed CPAP Machines
  119. Well Designed CPAP Masks
  120. Well Designed Emergency Oxygen Systems
  121. Well Designed Nebulizers
  122. Well Designed Oximetry Meters
  123. Well Designed Oxygen Concentrators
  124. Well Designed Portable O2 Cylinders
  125. Well Designed Portable Oxygen
  126. Well Designed Respiratory Accessories
  127. Well Designed Suction Machines
  128. Well Designed Medical Traction Devices
  129. Well Designed Walking Aids
  130. Well Designed Bariatric Walking Aids
  131. Well Designed Canes
  132. Well Designed Crutches
  133. Well Designed Knee Walkers
  134. Well Designed Rollators
  135. Well Designed Shopping Wagon
  136. Well Designed Specialty Walkers
  137. Well Designed Walkers
  138. Well Designed Wheeled Walkers

(95AC)-Re-enable (Design) Award for Differently Abled People Categories

  1. Re-anable Award: Mobility Aid Award
  2. Re-anable Award:  Sensory Aid Award
  3. Re-anable Award:  Standing Mobile Hoists
  4. Re-anable Award:  Body Support Units For Hoists
  5. Re-anable Award: Walking Frames Or Rollators
  6. Re-anable Award:  Voice Generators (Electrolarynx)
  7. Re-anable Award: Dialogue Units (Communication Devices)
  8. Re-anable Award:  Seats, Seating Systems, And Abduction Blocks

(95AD)-Re-anable (Design) Award: Good Design for Assistive Products For Positioning (mounting Systems)

  1. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Backrests
  2. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Modular Seating Systems
  3. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Seat Cushions
  4. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Back Cushions And Back Pads
  5. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Lap Trays
  6. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Seat Cushions And Underlays For Pressure Sore Prevention
  7. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Back Cushions And Back Pads For Pressure Sore Prevention
  8. Re-anable Design Award: Good Design for Mattresses And Mattress Coverings For Pressure Sore Prevention
  9. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Human Driven Wheelchairs (manual Wheelchairs)
  10. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Powered Wheelchairs
  11. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Grab Rails And Hand Grips
  12. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Step Rails
  13. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Fixed And/or Portable Ramps
  14. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Minor Home Modifications
  15. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Bath/shower Chairs (with And Without Wheels), Bath Boards, Stools, Backrests, And Seats.
  16. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Commode Chairs (with Or Without Castors)
  17. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Drainage Catheters
  18. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Urine Collection Bags, Body Worn
  19. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Body-Worn Assistive Products For Absorbing Urine And Faeces
  20. Re-anable Award: Good Design for Mobile Hoists With Sling Seats




Mobile Communication Technologies, Applications for Mobile Computing, Mobile Entertainment, and More.

The Mobile Design Award categories are as given below. Please remember that Mobile Devices shall be submitted to the Digital and Electronic Device Design Awards, and if you designed a mobile application partially (i.e. such as only the interface) you should join the Interface Design Award or Graphic & Visual Communication Design Awards instead.

Mobile Technologies -116 subcategories
These are general mobile categories, anything fits would be accepted.

(96 A)

  1. Advertising on Mobile
  2. Cloud-Based Technology for Mobile
  3. Consumer Mobile Service
  4. Enterprise Mobile Service
  5. Entertainment Application
  6. Innovative Mobile App
  7. Marketing on Mobile
  8. Mobile Application for Automotive
  9. Mobile Connected Device Application
  10. Mobile Education Application
  11. Mobile Education Product
  12. Mobile Education Service
  13. Mobile Government
  14. Mobile Health Application
  15. Mobile Health Product
  16. Mobile Health Service
  17. Mobile Identity
  18. Mobile Infrastructure
  19. Mobile Initiative
  20. Mobile Innovation for Urban Life
  21. Mobile Money Application
  22. Mobile Money Product
  23. Mobile Money Service
  24. Mobile Product
  25. Mobile Product for Automotive
  26. Mobile Public Service
  27. Mobile Publishing Application
  28. Mobile Publishing Product
  29. Mobile Publishing Service
  30. Mobile Safeguard
  31. Mobile Security Products
  32. Mobile Service Application
  33. Mobile Service for Automotive
  34. Mobile Solutions
  35. Mobile Technology
  36. Mobile Technology Breakthrough
  37. Network-Based Solution for Customers
  38. Use of Mobile for Corporate Reach
  39. Use of Mobile for Humanitarian Situations
  40. Use of Mobile in Emergency
  41. IoT – Internet of Things


Mobile Games

  1. Mobile Game
  2. Action Games
  3. Arcade Games
  4. Sports Games
  5. Board Games
  6. Puzzle Games
  7. Family Games
  8. Educational Game
  9. Trivia Game
  10. Retro Game
  11. Adventure Game
  12. Card Game
  13. Simulation Game
  14. Role-Playing Game
  15. Strategy Game
  16. MMO Game
  17. Word Game


Mobile Applications
Any mobile applications can be submitted, except gambling, adult, or casino applications. Adult applications shall be submitted to the Adult products category instead. Any mobile games can also be submitted.

  1. Application for Children
  2. Artistic Application
  3. Branded Content Application
  4. Branded Gaming Application
  5. Business Application
  6. Business Application
  7. Business Media Application
  8. Comic Application
  9. Communication Application
  10. Consumer Magazine Application
  11. Cooking Application
  12. Drawing Application
  13. Education Application
  14. Education Application
  15. Entertainment Application
  16. E-Reader Application
  17. Family Application
  18. Finance Application
  19. Fitness Application
  20. Healthcare Application
  21. Image Editing Application
  22. Interactive Book Application
  23. Kid Distraction Application
  24. Lifestyle Application
  25. Location-Based Application
  26. Mapping Application
  27. Medical Application
  28. Mobile Calendar
  29. Mobile Payment Application
  30. Music Application
  31. Music Creation Application
  32. Music Teaching Application
  33. Navigation Application
  34. News Application
  35. Newspaper Application
  36. Online Security Application
  37. Parenting Application
  38. Parenting Application
  39. Photography Application
  40. Privacy Application
  41. Productivity Application
  42. Professional Application
  43. Publishing Application
  44. Reading Application
  45. Reference Application
  46. Retail Application
  47. Ringtone Application
  48. Search Application
  49. Shopping Application
  50. Social Network Application
  51. Special Needs Application
  52. Task Management Application
  53. Television Application
  54. Travel Application
  55. Utility Application
  56. Video Application
  57. Wallpaper Application
  58. Weather Application




(97A)Methyl alcohol

(97B)C9 Solvent

(97C)Technical Grade Urea

(97D)Mixed Xylene

(97E)Acetic Acid

(97F)Melamine Chemical

(97G)IPA Alcohol

(97H)Liquid Phenol




(98A)Best Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad.

(98B) Best Cloth Sanitary Pad.

(98C)Best Reusable Sanitary Pad.

(98D)Best Regular and Heavy Flow Sanitary Pad.




(99A)Air Cargo Services Award
(99A1)Agency Sector Management

If your company has excelled in sending goods by air or you have a story about customer fulfillment where logistics in the air is involved, this category is for you.

(99A2)Cool & Special Cargoes Award

This category is for specialist cargo & refrigerated freight services ranging from small high-value pharma products through to a large reefer container, by any mode of transport. Entries should demonstrate good practice and an important contribution to the advancement of the ‘Cool’ Chain.

(99A3)Extra Mile Award
This category is for Members that can provide specific examples of ‘innovation’ and/or ‘customer care’ by adding value and exceeding their customer’s expectations.

(99A4)Ocean Services Award
If you have used ocean services either stand-alone or as part of a multimodal shipment or service, we want to hear about something exceptional.

(99A5) Project Forwarding Award
We are looking for companies who have completed an out of gauge project or co-ordinated a complex movement needing specialized attention.

(99A6)Specialist Services Award

This category is for services that are not modal specific which could include warehousing, pick and pack, technology service, air or shipping line agency, or express services.

(99A7)Staff Development Award

Many Members have comprehensive staff development programs or have created their own academies. In this category, we are looking for the firm producing the freight forwarders of the future.

(99A8)Supply Chain Management Award
This category focuses on the provision of a customer-focused, innovative solution enabling more efficient and cost-effective management of the supply chain.
(99A9)Apprentice of the Year
This category is for those outstanding apprentices working for a BIFA Member, to showcase the difference the named apprentice has made to their organization.

(99A10)Young Freight Forwarder Award
This prestigious category is for those outstanding individuals working for a BIFA Member and must be under the age of 32, with a minimum of two years’ employment in the freight industry.




(100A)Net Fabrics

(100B)Organza Silk Fabrics

(100C)Chanderi Silk Fabric

(100D)Printed Silk Fabrics

(100E)Cotton Batik Printed Fabric

(100F)Hand Loom Printed Fabric

(100G)Fancy Printed Fabrics

(100H)Silk Satin Printed Fabric

(100I)Textile Printed Fabrics

(100J)Cotton Fabric

(100K)Printed Fabrics

(100L)Handmade Cotton Fabric

(100M)Silk Fabrics

(100N)Cotton Silk Fabrics