These categories recognize excellence in live events staged

(32A) Art, Entertainment & Public

(32A a.)  Art Event: Dance, music, literature, street art, exhibitions, installations, performances, etc.

(32A b)    Celebration Event: For events created to celebrate an occasion, anniversary, milestone or anything that is important to an organization, community, or brand.

(32A c.)       Cultural Event: All events that promote culture or cultural sensitivity including parades, shows, art events or exhibitions, music or dance events, festivals, fairs, theaters etc.

(32A d)       Festival: Music, film, art, food, dance or any other public or community festival that celebrates a specific theme can compete in this category.

(32A e)    Live Event: Events that take place in front of a live audience, including, live performances and shows, fashion shows, competitions, games, comedy, theater, circus, concerts, live TV and radio broadcasts etc.

(32A f)        Municipal Event: All public events organized for/by a specific municipality including celebrations, concerts, festivals, shows, parades, art events, etc.

(32A g)       Music Event: All events where music is the focal point belong here including concerts, music festivals, live vocal or instrumental performances and shows, etc.

(32A h)       Pop-Up Event: Impromptu gatherings, spontaneous celebrations, anticipated but unexpected happenings or experiences which ultimately impress audiences and draw new crowds

(32A i)       Public Event: All events open to the general public including all kinds of entertainment events, art exhibitions or installations, cultural or leisure events, fairs, festivals, sporting events, etc.

(32A j)       Roadshow: All events that represent a series of shows or events taking place in different places around a country, a region, or the world. Could be entertainment event, art exhibitions, music events, information or educational campaigns, product launches, brand engagement events, celebrations, shows, fairs, etc.

(32A k)      Sporting Event: All competitions, tournaments, marathons, races, games, team sports, team buildings including sports activities and other sporting events are eligible for this award.

(32A l)         Brand & Experiences a. Brand Activation:

(32A m)    Any event or experience that enables your brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service, belongs in this category.

(32A n)      Brand Engagement Event:

(32A o)      CSR Event:

(32A p)       Exhibition Experience:

(32A q)       Experiential Event:

(32A r)        In-Store Experience

(32A s)        Interactive Outdoor Event

(32A t)       Launch Event: Brand experiences or activations created to launch or re-launch a brand, product or service, should be submitted to this category.

(32A u)       Small-Budget Event

(32A v.)       Sponsorship Experience: This category recognizes partnerships/sponsorships that create immediate and long-term brand experiences at an event. All experiences created to promote a brand at an event as a part of a partnership or sponsorship agreement belong to this category including experiences at big sporting events, entertainment events, festivals, concerts, conventions, trade shows etc