We are proud to receive entries from fashion designers at the very peak of their career who want to showcase their latest collections and avant-garde creations to the world. Join with us by submitting your entry. We want to celebrate those who are able to create a signature style and use colour and movement to create stunning outfits which evoke feelings of excitement, passion and longing. Winner will be a pioneer with the vision to explore new territory and the ability to set the agenda for style-conscious consumers everywhere.  Our winner will have a fresh approach to fashion, creating innovative collections and being unafraid to make waves.

(43A)       Designer of the Year by Jury

(43B)      Most Acclaimed Designer of the Year by People

(43C)       Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year

(43D)       Fashion Designer of the Year in Bridal Wear

(43E)       Fashion Icon of India

(43F)       Business Leader Of Fashion

(43G)       Choreographer of the Year

(43H)       Emerging Choreographer of the Year

(43I)       India’s Designer of the Year – Women’s wear

(43J)        India’s Designer of the Year – Men’s wear

(43K)        India’s Designer of the Year – Men’s wear

(43L)        Make-up-artist of the Year

(43M)      Emerging Make-up-artist of the Year

(43N)       Backstage Manager of the Year

(43O)        Most Acclaimed Light & Sound Engineer of Ramp

(43P)        Best Music Director of Ramp

(43Q)       Fashion Stylist of the Year

(43R)       Emerging Stylist of the Year

(43S)       Fashion Blogger of the Year

(43T)   Emerging Fashion Blogger /Influencer of the year

(43U)  Model of the Year – Male

(43V)   Model of the Year – Female

(43W)   India’s Emerging Talent – Male

(43X)   India’s Emerging Talent – Female

(43Y)  Online Fashion Destination of the Year

(43Z) Most affordable Fashion Brand Of the Year

(43A1)   Emerging Fashion Brand of the Year

(43A2)   Most Popular Fashion Brand of the Year

(43A3) Fashionista’s Favourite Multi-Designer Store

(43A4)   Fashionista’s Favourite Cosmetic brand

(43A5)  Fashion Retail Chain of The Year

(43A6)   Fashionista’s Favourite Shopping Destination

(43A7)   Brand of the Year – Active wear/ Swim wear / Sports wear

(43A8)   Best Jewellery Designer of the year

(43A9)  Emerging Jewellery Designer of the Year

(43A10)  Best Accessories Wear of the Year

(43A11)  Fashion Photographer of the Year

(43A12)   Trendsetter of the Year

(43A13)   Stylish Politician of the Year

(43A14)   Stylish Entrepreneur of the Year

(43A15)  Stylish Sport star of the Year

(43A16)   Iconic Fashion Designer of the Year

(43A17)  Talent Management Agency of the Year

(43A18)   Creative Agency of the Year

(43A19 Pageant winner of the Year

(43A20)  Legendary Super Model

(43A21) Torch Bearer of Beauty Industry

(43A22)  Outstanding Achievement – Award for Positive Change