This will be awarded to the individual for demonstrating the upgraded curriculum and teaching methodologies.

(6 A )Skill Learning Awards

(6AA)Skill Learning Programme of the Year

This will be awarded to an institution that has demonstrated exceptional performance in the past year. (See Categories in awards form)

(6AB)Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative

The award will recognize a strategic and innovative approach to delivering employers’ workforce development needs. It is open to institutions in India.

Medical Institute. This award recognizes institutes offering diploma/graduate/post-graduate courses in medicine

(6AC)Service Provider Awards

Contributing in Student Counseling Meeting the academic stress amongst students humanly and bring in soothing touch towards

(6AD)Best Corporate Training Programme

Architect / Design firm for the Year

Introducing new age cost-effective designs, simplifying infrastructure

Best Education Sector Magazine

Reflecting the need of all the stakeholders

(6 B)Best Education Webinar Series

(6BA)Awards Successful webinar series for dissemination of knowledge

Best infrastructure / Resources Provider 76

Firms or entities from various sectors, including infrastructure, legal, consulting, security, uniforms, and others who have added significantly to an institution’s growth

(6BB)Best Innovative Learning Tools

Introducing new-age learning tools that cater to the growing demand for learning aids, gadgets, or software by institutes & students

(6BC)Best Physical Education/ Sports Education Programme

This Award recognizes the Physical and Sports education programs which are being used by various Schools and colleges.

Student Housing Company of the Year

(6 C) Outstanding School Leader

The Individual Award will be given to an outstanding leadership in helming School education

(6CA) Best Education Company to Work With

Meeting up with employee and staff expectations

(6CB) Contribution to the Community

This award will be given to the individual, team, or institution that has made the most imaginative attempt to aid the wider community socially, culturally, or economically.

Individual Awards

( 6D)Lifetime Achievement Award

For someone who participated in building a platform for educational upliftment of India

(6DA)Policy Maker of the Year

  A decision-maker with a progressive outlook in the wake of changing requirements of the education sector

(6DB)Education Entrepreneur of the Year / Entrepreneur of the Year

Leading by example & innovative business ideas

Coaching & Tutoring Awards

The Awards for Excellence in Coaching & Tutoring is to recognize, promote, reward, and share excellence in facilitating student learning by coaching & tutoring institutes

(6DC )Coaching Institute of the year – 

Honouring the best in coaching and tutoring business. Online Tutoring. Honouring the best Online Tutoring

(6E)  EDUCATION– Other Awards Categories


(6EA) Early Education Awards

(6EB) Innovation in Early Learning / Child Development

(6EC) Standalone Pre-school of the year (National/Regional)

(6ED) Emerging Play School of the Year

(6EE) Best Edutainment Program

(6EF) Reward the best entertainment led education program

(6EG) Best Principal of the Year

(6EH) Best Use of Technology

(6EI) Best Innovative Curriculum

(6EJ) Best Infrastructure in early education

(6EK) Emerging Play School of the Year

(6EL)Teaching Excellence Award

(6EM) Best Emerging School of the Year (National/Regional)

(6EN) Teaching Excellence Award

(6EO) Best Use of Technology

(6EP) Best Residential School of the Year

(6EQ) Higher Education Awards


(6F) Best College of the Year ( BBA/Bcom/ BA/BSc )
 Best Engineering College of the Year ( Regional / National )

(6FA) Best Medical College of the Year ( Regional / National )

(6FB) University of the Year (North)

(6FC) International Collaboration of the Year

(6FD) Business School of the Year (National/Regional)

(6FE) Most Emerging Higher Education Institute of the Year

(6FF) Excellence in Distance learning education

(6FG) Most Entrepreneurial Institution of the Year

(6FH) Higher Education Publisher of the Year

(6FI) Institute with best placement

(6FJ) Best Principal of the year

(6FK) Best Use of Technology

(6FL) Best Use of Technology in Enrolment