Customer Service Awards we’ve seen clients implement include Customer Service Rep of the Month, Customer Service Gem Award, You Rock Award, Service Star Award, Diamond Service Award, Platinum Service Award, Service Rock Star Award, Rising Star Award, Customer Service Honour Roll, Customer Hero Award, Service Hero Award, and the Consider It Done Award. We’ve had clients recognize their Customer Service Teams with plaques, corporate awards, and gifts. They might choose an award based on a shape that matches the award’s name, like choosing a Gem Award for the Customer Service Gem Award. Or a series of different sized plaques for a Gold, Silver, and Platinum Level Customer Service Award series. We at World Media Network try to honour your services by publicly recognizing recipients and presenting them with their awards, making the accomplishments more memorable for the individuals and their team. Many organizations will follow the presentation by mentioning the recipients again in an internal newsletter, on the organization’s Facebook page, or in press releases. And lastly, make sure a note about the award goes into the individual’s HR records for future reference.

 Includes all Major customer service functions.

(26A) Customer Service Department of the Year

(26B) Enter this category if you wish to recognize everyone who works in your organization’s customer service functions, regardless of function, location, seniority, or position.

(26C)   Customer Service Team of the Year.

(26D) Enter this category if you wish to recognize some subset of your entire customer service organization, such as a specific front-line, back-office, customer-complaints, or problem-resolution team, for example. The team may be multidisciplinary, may stretch across multiple organizations (your own organization, client organizations, and agency or vendor organizations, for example). Maybe a permanent team or a temporary team assembled only for a specific task or assignment.

(26E) Customer Service Executive of the Year

(26F) Enter this category to recognize the achievements of individual customer service executives.