Paris Appreciation awards will support Humanity, Global Businesses and promote India’s commendable dream of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. By encouraging and acknowledging upcoming Indian entrepreneurs to develop services, products and locally shift the focus on India’s resources and skills, we can turn India into a self-reliant economy and powerful global industrial hub” World media network” delivers distinctive stories of business leaders, pioneers, ingenious thinkers across businesses celebrating individual’s entrepreneurial journey. We at WMN also realize that our nation’s economic growth is dependent on the brilliance, innovations, and resilience of entrepreneurs as they pave the way to an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

Paris Appreciation Awards recognizes the brave  Indian heroes who have stood at the time of the coronavirus pandemic in India and across the globe, where we will honor their invaluable services and support.

(1A) Business of The Year – Manufacturing (MSME):

We honor new entrepreneurs in the field of manufacturing who have strived to strengthen the Indian and World industry, during the coronavirus pandemic.

(1B) Business of The Year – Services (MSME):

Paris Appreciation Awards acknowledges  business leaders who have worked towards transformation and innovation in the field of services and provided unique solutions

(1C) Business of The Year – Retail, Wholesale Trading Business (MSME):

Paris Appreciation Awards appreciates business leaders who have driven trade within the country and outside its borders.

(1D)Business of The Year – Supporting Businesses (MSME):

We applaud the organizations that have helped provide a solid foundation for other businesses to achieve their full potential.

(1E)Tech Company of the Year (MSME):

We salute new Indian tech pioneers who are bringing about a technological revolution through their unique services and products.

(1F)Startup of the Year:

We celebrate the start-ups that aim to revolutionize the country with their novel and innovative ideas, products and services.

(1G)Business Special Awards:

Paris Appreciation Awards recognizes the businesses that have presented ground-breaking products and services to benefit Indian consumers and world consumers and nurture the economy from within.