Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network is promoting and supporting the women entrepreneurs are they are striving to survive their businesses in this crisis, the arc of her career; the health and direction of the business, on the size and importance of woman’s business in the world economy and her social and cultural influence.

The Paris Appreciation Awards is appreciating the incredible achievements made by women across the globe. This provides the entrepreneur’s women to gain recognition for what they do, which goes unnoticed up until this point to be fully appreciated for their work and appreciate the women wherever they are, Work from home, connect, grow and support the business through World Media Network.

Women in the united states have  12 million businesses and the number continues to rise and saw a rise in 12 ears around 45% increase. Female entrepreneurs have a big impact on the economy generating  $1.6 trillion in revenue and employing nine million people

World Media Network will be supporting powerful business female entrepreneurs in their businesses through their hard work efforts and pursuits.

Grow Your Network

World Media Network will support the women entrepreneur to expand their circle by connecting women business owners for networking with organizations and also hold events that focus on bringing women together, such as Create & Cultivate, webinars, podcasts, press release distribution, Lean In Circles, and online forums.

Invite Women on Panels

World Media Network will invite them as speakers or panel members or give them chance to talk about their business, challenges, and successes providing opportunities for exposure and networking.

Spread the Word

World Media Network will Promote the Women owner and the company on social media channels, such as Facebook, City Bussiness Listing, Twitter, products & Reviews, Linkedin, Instagram, etc

Be a Connector

World Media Network will help a female entrepreneur, with the introduction to New contacts, affiliate marketing, polls, or even funding resources to take their company to the next level or team up for the event by Promoting marketing literature who is a female business owner or a woman thinking about starting a business, addressing the keynote issues, informative panels, and pop-up market and the chance to network with like-minded women. By supporting women-owned businesses, entrepreneurs you not only help her family but her team as well.

In India World Media Network will connect the women entrepreneurs with Niti Aayog has it has launched an ecosystem for budding & existing women entrepreneurs across the country.  on three pillars- Iccha Shakti providing knowledge  Gyaan Shakti  supporting ecosystem & Karma ShaktiIccha supporting and setting up business where they also give  free credit ratings, mentorship, funding support to women entrepreneurs, apprenticeship, and corporate partnerships.

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