Support To Humanity & Peace

The world has seen an economic impact of the coronavirus on the financial markets, industries such as Real estate, manufacturing, Travel, tourism, hospitality, Fashion, Movies, Event management, and other sector Tourism and travel account for 10% of the global GDP and 50 million jobs are at risk worldwide as companies are closing down and affecting many people. It is not easy to handle the crisis & Business Losses created by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Paris Appreciation Awards along with “World Media Network” have created a motive framework of positive peace in Supporting Humanity that can help peace prevail in the world as an interconnected system Strengthening all Pillars which help countries, regions, and communities for better prepare, prevent and respond to this kind of shocks.

Paris Appreciation Awards along with World Media Network have responsibilities to serve the World and humanity and will support business leaders and community and along with them fight the challenges collectively. that will help the industry and Associations to support each other and influence the government agendas to put humanity before profit and bring back trust in business and focus on reviving the business.

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