Real Estate

Paris Appreciation Awards will promote and Market Real estate as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of business marketing while Some businesses have temporarily closed or working in a completely new way, some are busier than ever before as everyone and Real Estate is adapting to the current situation there are many ways that Real Estate agents can market during this unprecedented time.

Paris Appreciation Awards along with World Media Network is promoting and Marketing keeping Buyer’s Needs in Front Of Mind and provide value to the audiences, clients, and customers, World Media Network press release distribution will release the news and create a strong online presence with content marketing campaigns and create original videos, Webinars, Podcasts, and blog articles to ensure you have a strong online presence. 99% of millennial buyers go online to find their next home.

Paris Appreciation Awards along with World Media Network will market through emails, phone calls, and Lead Generation and launch Virtual Home Tours as social distancing is the best way to market a property with technology like online videos, virtual tours, 3D tours, Agent websites,e-sign platforms for disclosures, offers, and counters, and closings, aerial photography and open houses, YouTube videos, SEO, or Facebook Lives which can help potential buyers better understand the property and provide an extra perspective.

Video Marketing for the Real estate industry is to create authenticity as the person sitting at home could see the personalized video tours in front of their computer as if they are actually on location showing the house in-person.
Many brands are shifting to digital instead of traditional marketing Whether as it is the best time to optimize the website for search engines, build up your portfolio of thought leadership content or invest in virtual home tour technology, you will be investing in your long-term reputation as the real estate market is no stranger to highs and lows as companies with a good mix of commercial, retail, and residential properties would be the first to start gaining when the economy and realty markets recover.

World Media Network will support and market foreign direct investments as India is considering to get 100% foreign investment for completed projects if approved then real estate companies can monetize the liquidity crisis due to covid 19 thus helping to revive economically