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The consumer activity across 1.5MM product pages reveals that on-line review engagement and eCommerce conversions doubled last month. Reviews became even additional vital within the COVID-19 era. Shoppers act with review content (sorting, filtering, etc.) before changing at the maximum amount as double the rate.

The consumer motivation had little impact to provide reviews or sentiments as they cannot attribute any variation in submission levels or overall review ratings. Ratings and review content have a greater impact on consumer behavior in the COVID-19 era, providing the validation and social proof necessary to drive sales.

The Power of Collaboration with the brands for the reviews where Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network will help and support the community in promoting the brand as the story reaches the right audience requirement and succeeds beyond measure; in other words, we help each other to reach our full potential and make a difference in each other’s lives as Together we are stronger when we collaborate, Meet up, grow, work, and share with people our vision, purpose, and mission. That would be awesome; well, that is precisely what we do at World Media Network.

Paris Appreciation Awards, along with World Media, is Collaborating  With Like-minded People the whole world, and the people are getting disconnected from themselves and their communities. As a society, we are becoming more isolated as the epidemic causes loneliness, depression, stress, and anxiety.

Paris Appreciation Awards will understand and collaborate to fulfill our dreams and take the support of each other and grow within ourselves and make our world a better place by making an impact at every level – personal, professional in our communities locally and globally as we are doing a million different things in the business to stand out in the marketplace.

Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network can help you with that by giving countless opportunities to raise your profile within our growing community and beyond, including:

meetings online and in-person inquiry and meeting  support  with guidances to business and communities
discussions for the Brands and take the conversation to a  unique  level.

Webinars, podcast, Product &Reviews, City Business Listing, World Polls which will reach a growing audience and also promote on social media.

Access to all members on the private groups to Connect Collaborate and Grow
Guest blogs distributed across social media.

Share your articles through World Media Network Press Release Distribution across the world in 166 countries in 30 languages.

World Media Network will encourage referrals and partnerships so that the brands can benefit together being part of a PAA  is powerful; we want you to be the best you and reach your full potential

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