Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network is the right place for international policy-makers, global investors seeking updated, comprehensive information, and accurate on the Indian economy, World economy states, and sectors that regularly cover government announcements in policy, macroeconomic indicators, foreign investment, and business trends. Industries are a group of productive enterprises or organizations that supply goods or products or services as sources of income. Paris Appreciation Awards along with World Media Network promotes the initiatives taken by the Governments to facilitate industrial growth in the country for industries like insurance, chemical, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise’s fertilizer, cottage, defense products, retail textile, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, etc. are provided for the users. World Media Network section also promotes schemes, policies, reports related to various industries, documents, forms, corporate governance. , acts, and rules.

Preventive measures of the airborne virus have led to the devastation to many businesses worldwide especially closely associated with the tourism industry, Hotel Industries, and parallel to all interdependent country-wise Industries. World Media Network study reveals the facts about world’s most affected Industries & putting facts on urgent needs to reconstruct & regulate trades between countries to survival, protection, peace & to support humanity & global businesses with meaningful message through this event, Our Aim is high as the revival of these industries will require an individual industry-wise focus to boost the economy.

Most Severely Affected Industries by Coronavirus

1. Airlines and Hotels
2. Automobile Industry
3. Construction and Retail Industry
4. Textile Industry
5. Freight and Logistics
6. Metals and Mining
7. Oil and Gas Industry
8. Power Industry
9. Consumer and Retail Industry
10. Chemical Industry

Primary Industries
Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network supports the nation’s economy in promoting forestry, agriculture, fishing, quarrying, mining, and the extraction of minerals livestock management and fishing as well the mining of mineral ores, the extraction of mineral fuels, and the quarrying of stone

Secondary Industry
Paris AppreciationAwards and World Media Network is Promoting manufacturing industry, petroleum refining, motor vehicle, and heavy machinery manufacture steel and iron manufacturing, cement production, nonferrous metal refining, hydroelectric power generation, and meat-packing

Light or small-scale, industry
Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network is promoting nondurability of manufactured products and a smaller capital investment in plants and equipment like clothing manufacture, textile work, plastics manufacture, food processing, precision instrument manufacture, gemstone cutting, and craftwork or highly-skilled, as in electronics and computer hardware manufacture.

Tertiary Industry
Paris Appreciation Awards promotes the service that includes both private and government enterprises The industries are insurance, investment banking, finance, real estate services, professional, consulting, legal, transportation, wholesale, retail, and resale trade, personal services, Hotels, tourism, restaurants, and entertainment, health, social welfare, repair and maintenance services, administrative, defense services and police, security,

Quaternary Industry

Paris Appreciation Awards and World Media Network is promoting the quaternary industry which is a mixture of private and government research and development, information systems and information technology (IT), financial and strategic analysis and consulting including technological development and scientific research, consulting, education, media, and communications technologies, teaching and educational technologies and services.

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